Who is Chris Zach Interact?  Bottom line….  I’m a marketing guru passionate about helping small businesses thrive and not just survive.  Too many small businesses have a reactive business model and have no idea who their customer is or where their next deal is coming from.  We help you interact smarter with your existing clients and put you in front of new customers with creative marketing and consulting.

How?  We do a (SWOT) Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats analysis to find out where your business is at.  From there we create a marketing plan and help you start interacting with your customers.  If you aren’t marketing to them, someone else is.  We offer Google PPC, Facebook marketing, and can bring your entire business online from website to social media.  Our weekly coaching calls make an immediate impact from first conversation, and make the thought of where you’d like your business to be, into a creative reality.  

When?  Thats a question for you.